Gratitude Journal: Day 3
November 5, 2020

I’ve adopted a daily gratitude practice. Every morning for the rest of November, I start the day by writing 10 things I’m thankful for. Then, to keep myself accountable, I’ll share my list on this website, Instagram, and Facebook.

1️⃣ I am infinitely blessed for this new business venture that Carrie and I are embarking on – because it’s forcing me to look my fears right in the face.

thrive in the face of uncertainty-1
I used Carrie and my likeness for these illustrations – which live on the homepage of my digital marketing agency website. — visit Goodman Creatives

2️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for Daddy, Bodhi, Luna time each morning while Carrie takes the first shift in our new business venture … because what better way is there to start the day than hanging out with your children and cooking for the family.

3️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for running water in my home because we lived in Nicaragua, my wife and I and I saw firsthand what it’s like to have to carry your water up from a stream.

52-Washing clothes on a pila is tough work
Washing my clothes on a “pila” in Nicaragua. This big stone basin was the only water storage for the whole house – and when the water was off for weeks, it had to be brought up from the river.

4️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for the distant relative who reached out and shared a photo of my dad, grandma, and grandpa in the late 1940s/early 50’s because I have so little link to my father’s side of the family.

5️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for my new Unlimitedville internet plan for the house that allows me to once again work from home because our old satellite service had dipped below 1mbs (that’s sloooooooow!)

They tried to make our satellite internet faster. They did not succeed.

6️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for the Starbucks down the street from my house because it has given me a place to go with before and during the pandemic that has a fast Internet, fresh coffee, and a place to sit outside without wearing a mask.

7️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for my healthy body because I know what it feels like when my body is dis ease.

In 2018, a calcification in my knee rendered me unable to walk. —— I needed a cortisone injection to remove the infamation and pain.

8️⃣ I am infinitely grateful that my iPhone 8 Plus keeps hanging on because it’s all I need and I’m waiting for Apple to bring back thumbprint ID — no thanks, FaceID.

9️⃣ I am infinitely grateful to be able to pay for weekly Costco trips because somehow, there’s always a need for more something.

🔟  I am infinitely grateful for being able to witness the ingenuity and capability of Luna because she constantly inspires me with all the new things that she can do – like standing on a stool to wash her own hands.


The practice is a part of Rhonda Byrne’s “The Magic,” which I am working through with my wife, Carrie.