GUEST POST SUMMARY: There’s nothing more elegant and classic than Flamenco dancing in Spain. The arms behind the head; the flowy skirts; what’s not to love?! So, without further adiu, I present an article by Maike on where to see the best Flamenco dancing in Sevilla!

Flamenco Dancing in Spain
Flamenco Dancing in Spain

“Flamenco in Spain is not merely a dance and a music genre. It is an entire culture, particularly in its birthplace Andalucia. The UNESCO has recognized it as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

If you are visiting Andalucia you will find that Flamenco is an essential part of life and that the heart of the people beats to the rhythm and the spirit of this music. One of the best places to watch a Flamenco show is a so called tablao. It is a particular type of establishment that often has its own company of performers. The authentic tablaos are usually rather small and intimate.

If you are planning on staying in apartments in Sevilla you simply can’t miss an authentic Flamenco performance. Of course Flamenco is what attracts many visitors to this area and there are some shows that are more touristy than others which doesn’t mean that the dancing is not as great and authentic, however the show is very choreographed. One of the beauties of Flamenco dancing is the spontaneous interpretation of the melody. Here are a couple of recommendations about where you can see this kind of more spontaneous performances:

El Patio Sevillano (Paseo Cristóbal Colón, 11 A)
This tablao is among the most traditional and longest running ones. It is not only known for its great shows but also for the quality of service. You can enjoy traditional local tapas and liquors while watching a great show.

Flamenco Dancing in Spain
Flamenco Dancing in Spain

El Palacio Andaluz (Avda. María Auxiliadora, 18 B)
Here you get a great overlook over the various Flamenco styles that exist. Furthermore, the shows are an exquisite mixture of spontaneity and perfect choreography.

El Arenal (Calle Rodo, 7)
Located in one of the most prominent districts of town that goes by the same name this place offers a great Flamenco show since 1975 serving the best Andalusian cuisine.

Los Gallos (Pza. de Santa Cruz, 11)
The creme de la creme on a national and international level dances here. The renowned dancers promise their audience an unforgettable night that will make you return to your Sevilla apartments dreaming of more “Flamenco feeling.” It might even animate you to take a class and learn the steps yourself.”

Images courtesy of Arte y Fotografia and Viajar 24 Horas


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