TRAVELOGUE  »  Just Passing Through Hanoi and a Shady Couchsurfer

Our time in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, was mostly spent on the move. After a sleepless night in the front seat of our Open Ticket bus with Amelia, we had just enough time to catch the new Harry Potter movie before getting on yet another overnight bus to Sapa. We returned a few days later for long enough to grab a snack and head onto another bus for our Halong Bay tour. Then, on our final night in Vietnam, we reached out to a couchsurfer who, out of the kindness of his heart, got a hotel room for us since his cousin was visiting and taking up the extra bed.

Everything seemed cool at first. After meeting us for a few drinks on the street and getting to know us, he proposed that we go out to the club. Carrie and I went back to change and get ready, but I was beyond exhausted and never made it out. She, on the other hand, had chugged a Red Bull earlier and still met up with our new friend at a bar down the street before heading out.

Long story short, he spent most of the night hitting on her and, after being rejected countless times, found a different lady friend to go off with. Carrie stayed at the bar and made tons of new friends, though she had to continue fending off the couchsurfer when he returned later that night. Guess we should have known better when the guy’s profile said that he only wanted to host ladies…or that when he was asking how long we had been dating and how serious we were that he was just trying to size up his chances.