Ever watch someone overcome their fears?

It’s inspirational!

This weekend, our family headed to a field in the middle of nowhere for a day of launching rockets. Apparently, there are clubs and organizations that put on monthly events for rocket enthusiasts.

It was endless fun watching a steady stream of rockets shooting up into the air for hours.

However, the highlight of the day was not the steady stream of rockets.

The highlight was my 6-year-old son’s transformation.

A few years ago, Bodhi’s grandfather gifted him a model rocket.

Model rocket launch at the LUNAR event in California He was too scared to launch it back then and the rocket has sat in the garage for 3 years.

Naturally, we dusted it off and brought the rocket with us to the field this weekend.

✔️ Signed him up for a launch spot.

✔️ Put the engine in.

✔️ Tested the parachute.

We were ready to go.

After setting the rocket up on the communal launch platform and waiting his turn, the announcer called his name.

All Bodhi had to do was push a big red button to launch his rocket.

Fear overtook him.

No amount of gentle, loving reassurance could convince him to push the button.

So, I pushed it.

“That was NOT too loud,” Bodhi said immediately after.

“And, it was soooo cool,” Bodhi said.

So, we reloaded the rocket and got set up for a second launch.

This time, Bodhi pushed the button with the help of his friend Shoshana.


Up went the rocket.

Up went Bodhi’s confidence.

By the time he set up his third and final rocket, Bodhi went up to the button himself.

The announcer made a comment about how far Bodhi had come in just a few hours … and even handed him the microphone to do the countdown.


Below is the video of his launch …

He did it!

Seeing the look of joy and pride on his face filled my heart with every yummy feeling out there!

So I’ll end this with a question …

When was the last time you did something scary?

Or, when did you last do something completely new?

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day 🙏


Photo highlights my day at the LUNAR (National Association of Rocketry) launch in Farmington, California