Last Road in the West

Highway 1 in Santa Cruz, CA

Photo Specs:
1/500 second exposure  •  f/8.0  •  ISO 125  •  28-300mm lens @ 75mm  •  Nikon D810

If you want to get somewhere fast, don’t drive California’s Pacific Coast Highway at sunset.

I made that beautiful mistake a few weeks ago while trying to reach Davenport’s Shark Fin Cove at sunset.

Located a mere 10 miles from Santa Cruz, CA, the photo opportunities along the way are enough to make anyone want to stop approximately 84,345 times.

Even though I was racing against time, the need to chronicle the golden hour along the Pacific Coast was overwhelming.

So, I stopped.

Many, many times.

In the end, I still made it to Shark Fin Cove at sunset. It may have been a bit hectic, but that’s a story for another day … which you can read here.