Last night, I CELEBRATED ME!

90 days ago, I made a commitment to myself.

My wife was doing an intensive three month mastermind for our online biz and she wanted me to join.

“No way, Jose,” I said!

“I don’t have enough time,” I worried.

“This will take me away from all the other things I have to do,” I claimed.

However, when I really reflected on those statements, I realized they were all just excuses.

So, I said yes.

Our first assignment was simple …

… set a goal and plan a celebration.

Carrie booked a massage.

🌅 My celebration was going to be an evening of sunset photography at a local beach called Shark Fin Cove. 📸

Then, things started getting tough.

The mastermind pushed me past my comfort zone.

It was a lot of work.

I regularly thought of quitting.

The voice in my mind kept saying, “you can’t do this so why even try!”

Instead, I made time and stuck with it.

I completed the assignments and felt inspired. 🥳

My business grew by leaps and bounds.

I made new friends and built a community.

I gained clarity and consistency.

As for my goal, I’ll be honest … I didn’t reach it.

There was a specific financial marker I had hoped to reach and that didn’t happen.

But, what’s even more important than arbitrary goals is the fact that I didn’t give up.

That’s something worth CELEBRATING! 🎉

✔️ I’m celebrating sticking with it.

✔️ I’m celebrating myself and Carrie.

✔️ I’m celebrating my willpower and determination.

Last week, I took myself on a date to the new Thor movie. 🦸‍♂️

Bought myself a nice big slushy and a nice big popcorn and turned my brain off.

Last night, I finally headed to Shark Fin Cove at sunset.

It’s something I’ve dreamed of doing for six years.

As an added bonus, I went with my new friend, Brian!

Even though the sky was a great wall of gray fog instead of a crayon box of color, I still went.


Who says we should only celebrate the big successes?

What about all those little victories throughout the day?

✔️ Getting out of bed.

✔️ Putting on pants.

✔️ Keeping your cool with your kids.

✔️ Having a loving conversation with your partner instead of falling into a familiar victim state.

✔️ Finishing a project at work.

There are so many things that we should be celebrating.

So join me.

Brag about some thing that you are celebrating and let’s all rejoice together.

What are YOU CELEBRATING today?

Bridging Generations Through Photography

Towards the end of our visit, a young 20-something named Sasha came up to me and Brian to chat about photography and our cameras.

She then asked for someone to make photos of her because she liked being a model.

Brian reflected on how photography was bridging the gap between generations.

Each of us, with at least 20 years between us, coming together over a shared passion.

Photo Highlights from Shark Fin Cove in Davenport, CA