Photo of the Day

Oregon Coast. USA

{ Nikon D7000 } – { 50mm ) – { 1/1250s exposure } – { f/9 } – { ISO 100 }

Sunrise on the Oregon Coast. a photo of the day by Greg Goodman

My wife, Carrie, and I were driving down the Oregon coast en-route to California.

It had gotten late and yawns were contagious; so, we decided to sleep in our rental car.

This proved to be a very cold and uncomfortable night.


About an hour before dawn, we gave up on sleep, turned on the heat and started our day.

Carrie looks at a sunrise in OregonAs we drove down Highway 101, the sky above changed from black to dark blue, pink and eventually a vibrant and bright orange.

. . .

With the early-morning light shining through the trees of Highway 101, Carrie spotted a turnoff and pulled in so I could snap a photo.

We never could have imagined the stunning sight that awaited us…

Sometimes it pays to get up early!