Why Students Feel Comfortable in Italy

Italy is a very popular destination that students choose to obtain a higher education. There are a lot of reasons why they choose this country for getting a degree. Besides, local learners prefer studying in Italy. They feel comfortable in this country and would never change their decision, having a chance to do so. So, let’s take a dive and discover the reasons why undergraduates like studying and living in Italy. Also, don’t forget to hire a writer from the best mba essay writing service to feel more comfortable while studying in Italy.


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Great Universities With English Programs

Most of the time learners spend studying. Therefore, students choose education institutions wisely. Fortunately, Italy has what to offer. There are a lot of reputable universities that provide world-class education in different subjects. Politecnico Di Milano is the most popular university in the country.

Undergraduates who are not fluent in Italian don’t need to spend several years learning a new language. Most education institutions in Italy offer English programs for students from overseas. Therefore, they can get a great education in the international language. At the same time, the quality of education in English matches the highest Italian standards. Sometimes it can be quite challenging, so students ask their mates, “Don’t you know someone who can write my essay for me cheap?”


Affordable Tuition and Living

Most students have tight budgets. Therefore, they look for the best options that won’t inflate their college debts and force them to spend all their spare time working. Italy is a perfect country that offers an outstanding quality of life. However, it doesn’t need learners to have deep pockets.

Education in Italy is very cheap compared to universities in the US. On average, tuition fees vary from 1,000 to 2,000 euros per year. Moreover, some colleges offer tuition-free programs, so some learners don’t pay for education at all. Usually, learners in Italy rent rooms for 500 euros per month, including utility bills. However, the government can compensate a part of living expenses if a student has a low income.

Healthcare is free for local undergraduates. Students who come from overseas need to pay only 150 euros per year to get insurance. Italy is famous for its cuisine. The good news is that groceries don’t cost a lot. Learners who avoid expensive restaurants and bars spend roughly 300 euros per month on products.


Delicious Food

Nevertheless, undergraduates don’t prepare food at home and eat in university canteens only. There are a lot of places where they can enjoy Italian cuisine. They can order tasty pizzas, pasta, bruschettas, and other types of meals. A large variety of different dishes foresees the ability to try something new almost every day. Meanwhile, the prices are affordable in small cafes. Undergraduates can have a great dinner, including a bottle of good wine, for less than 10 euros. Also, there are a large number of creative places to hang out with friends.

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Active Lifestyle

Italy is a country that doesn’t let students get bored. There are a lot of amazing places to eat out and gather with friends. For instance, almost any Italian city is full of parks and recreational zones. Undergraduates can spend a weekend hiking in the mountains, having a picnic on a lake, or lying on the beach. There are also a lot of attractions and amusement parks in the country. Therefore they frequently ask for writing assistance to have some spare time that can be spent on entertainment.

Besides, Italy is a great country for those who adore night-outs. Most bars work till late at night. Locals don’t like to spend their evenings at home. Therefore almost any bar is crowded in the evening. Students can go out at night in every city and spend time with their friends in a cheerful atmosphere.


Wonderful Country to Travel

Italy is an amazing country, so students never miss a chance to explore it. It’s a great choice for avid travelers because the number of places worth visiting is almost countless. Moreover, the transportation system in the country is well-developed. There are a large number of airports, train stations, and car rental offices around the country. Therefore, learners can easily reach any place using the most convenient way.

Trips help learners get distracted from stressful learning and refresh their minds. When they feel exhausted, learners can find a reliable writing service by asking their friends, “Who can assist with my essay?” and delegate their assignments to professional writers.

Worth noting, the prices are low, so every student in Italy can afford to travel. They can stay in hostels paying as little as 15 euros per night in large cities. Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan are the most popular ones. However, these cities don’t limit the number of great destinations. There are a lot of spectacular towns that offer marvelous views.

If you’re a prospective student looking for a good country to study abroad in, Italy can become a great choice for you. It has a large number of benefits for undergraduates. By choosing this country, you will enjoy studying and living, feeling comfortable as a student.