2 Families
1 Lake
0 Cell Service
∞ Bliss

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this majestic trip … and for this opportunity to recharge in Lake Eleanor, California.

An entire forest to ourselves. A lake with shallow water for the kids to play all day. Redwood trees surrounding us to provide much-needed shade.

No work. No chores. No responsibilities. Nothing to do … except for the regular duties of a parent, of course. 😂

All four kids played harmoniously. Mostly.

They dug trenches in the sand. They put on floaties and went out into the lake while we sat along the shore keeping watch. Each parent got at a little bit of time to themselves. And, we each got some one on one time with each of our kids.

What a gift. 

Turning off my mind

What I loved most was how quickly thoughts of work went away.

On a normal day, my mind is a broken record. How to design a new website for someone … or change the menu structure of one of mine. What to write in a blog post. How to get more biz for myself or for my clients. And endless stream of ideas. A never ending to do list.

When we arrived to the lake, it all disappeared.

I sat on the chair (or in the dirt), thinking about nothing. Watching the world go by. Enjoying the present moment. Truly glorious.

The Big Hike to Lake Eleanor …

Going into the trip, my biggest anxiety was around the 3 mile hike in from the parking lot.

How would the kids do? Would my five-year-old son complain the whole way? With my two-year-old daughter need “uppies” the whole time? Would I be able to carry 60+ pounds on my back?

Plus, that 60-pound backpack was only filled with half of what we needed for the weekend. That meant that once we arrived at the campsite, I had to:

  • turn around
  • walk back to the car
  • put a new 60 pound bag on my back
  • do the journey all over again.

… in 100° heat.

In the days and weeks leading up to the trip, I had worked this up to a nearly impossible task.

The journey felt Herculean. Would I be able to walk the next day? With my knees gave out halfway through the hike? Would there be enough water?

All of these self-defeating thoughts and limiting beliefs proved to be just as untrue as I had hoped.

The walk went by quickly. In a large part thanks to the company of Garrick – the other dad. I was a little sore, but mostly I was very proud. And, very grateful.

Grateful for my healthy body.

Grateful for my muscles and arms and shoulders and back and legs.

Grateful for the ability to acknowledge my fears … but not to let them control me.

And, grateful for this beautiful experience.

For the chance to disconnect with the world and reconnect with myself.

For friends.

For family.

For nature.

And for the knowledge that we get to do it again next year.