Majorca is known as an island getaway which is located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. Also referred to as Mallorca, it is run with autonomy as a municipality but it is a part of the greater Spain.

A Majorca sunset, by Angel Robledano
A Majorca sunset, by Angel Robledano

The most spoken language is Catalan. This holiday destination is for everyone offering a lot to the people seeking either to relax, to the people keen on partying and to the thrill seekers. Majorca holidays always have a something installed for everyone.

You can hit the street of Palma and go site seeing in the island and discover the majestic beauty that is on display. You can take a boat ride to view the variety of sea animals in boats with glass bottoms or go round the harbor and experience the amazing scenery or just jump over to the harbor side and just chill.

Majorca has an array of stunning scenery form churches and cathedrals to the ruins of a long lost Arab city to an existing castle. All this can be capped off by going on hiking expeditions on bicycles to the country side or taking a helicopter ride over the island and see the amazing scenery in style.

On Majorca holidays, you will certainly have your hands full as you tour the cities more so the restaurants as they have many great and unique cuisines to try your hand in. if you are into the night life then you will be dazzled by the amazing parties that are thrown by the various hotels and clubs. You can also have your own private one if you are will to spend.

A Majorca seascape, by Angel Robledano
A Majorca seascape, by Angel Robledano

Think that the sea is beautiful then you can stay along the white sandy beach in any of the various hotels that are a stone throw to the sea. While on holiday in Majorca, you can wake up to the lush smell of sea and indulge into the various water sports that are an offer. You can always hire a yacht and be taken around the island as well as have great fun doing some water skiing as well.

So how can you get around the various places with ease? Your Majorca holidays will not be ruined based on the fact that it is hard to get yourselves around. There are taxis readily available to anyone as well as a good bus system.

If you do not want the hassle involved in going on private transport then you can always rent a car to get yourselves around the cities. But with this option, you should be aware of the traffic rules and have a good map to help you navigate to avoid spending your precious time on the road when you should be having a blast in the various sites in Majorca.

Being a big tourist destination, rest assured is that you will be able to communicate with people both abroad and locally when on you are on Majorca holidays. The locals have knowledge of some of the foreign languages spoken by the tourists. And that, my friends, is why you should book your ticket today!