“Get any good photos,” my friend asked?

“Define good,” I replied. 

After five minutes of squatting down in a field of pokey plants, I had dozens of photos from every possible camera angle.

I was excited about a few and looking forward to sharing them on social media.

But, my friend’s question really made me think.

There are so many ways to define “good” in both photography and life.

As you see in the gallery, I got some pretty nice photos.

Nothing spectacular … but, I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process.

I relished the experience of immersing myself in my art and seeing how close my camera lens could get to the image I saw in my head.

Going in, I didn’t expect any images to join the ranks of my all-time favorite photos.

It was the middle of the day with harsh light in an interesting – but not spectacular – setting. 

So yes, to answer her question, “I got good photos.”

I am happy with what I’m sharing here.

And …

After I click publish, they probably will all be forgotten.

Lost to the digital sands of time.

And that’s totally OK.

I had fun.

That’s all that matters.

Not every day of our life is going to make our Top 5 list. 

Not every photo is going to be published in National Geographic.

Out of the 107 photos I made yesterday, the one I will cherish most is one of me and my son, Bodhi.

I was sitting in a field of purple flowers while my wife snapped a few photos of me smelling them.

Bodhi came over to see what we were doing and I invited him to sit on my knee for a photo. 

Usually, Bodhi says no and runs away in these scenarios.

Yesterday, he was all for it.

Yay to life!

So I’ll end this with a question …

Get any good photos lately?

Would love to see something you’re excited to share in the comments below.