“Falcor. Falcor! Where are you,” I called out, feeling my frustration rising? 🐶

It was only 30-seconds into our rainy morning hike and I already regretted taking my dog off his leash.

I retrace my steps and found that Falcor had returned to the parking lot.

So, I clicked the leash on and resumed my run up the hill … with Falcor begrudgingly dragging along.

Anytime I got momentum, he would stop to smell a leaf or pee on a tree.

I felt my blood boiling.

My heart race increasing.

My desire to yell at him was as high as the redwoods surrounding me. 🤬


Sound familiar?

Have you ever let something as trivial as a dog wanting to enjoy nature change your entire mood?

I am grateful that I was able to realize what I was doing in the moment.

Once I stopped to take a breath, I had two choices.

  1. I could continue running with Falcor on the leash — getting increasingly frustrated at my little dog’s inability (or lack of desire) to keep up with me.
  2. I could take him back off the leash, slow down my pace, accept that he is going to do what he is going to do, keep an eye on him, and enjoy my rainy morning walk.

You might think it was an obvious decision … but it actually took some internal back-and-forth.

Then, I asked myself a simple question.

“What are you doing, Greg?!”

So, I unleashed the luck dragon and enjoyed my stroll.

Instead of a run, I got a casual walk. 🚶‍♂️

In fact, I was going so slowly that I decided to record a Facebook Live to share some rainy day photo tips.

As soon as I stopped to record the video, Falcor began whining.


Using his dog language to say, “how dare you stop! I demand you keep moving right now.”

I had to laugh at the absurdity of it.

My dog was mirroring my exact behavior from earlier that morning.”

Now HE was frustrated at ME!

“Yelling” at me to hurry up.

And, similar to my own reaction just a half an hour earlier, Falcor did not stop whining until we started moving again.

So what’s the takeaway from all this?

  • There’s always time to stop and smell the roses … and by roses, I mean pee-covered leaves that Falcor added his scent to.
  • It’s always a good idea to stop, take a breath, feel your feelings, find gratitude, and consciously choose how you want to move forward.

More photos below from that rainy morning at DeLaveaga Park in Santa Cruz, CA.