Some of my most cherished childhood memories involve bike rides with my father.

Now, as a dad, I get the chance to create the same memories with my 7-year-old son: Bodhi.

Recently, we dedicated a Sunday to exploring the bluffs of Wilder Ranch State Park alongside the Pacific Ocean.

Here’s a quick recap of the experience …

“Stop stopping, Dad.” ✋

“Don’t take any more pictures, Dad.” 📸

“Put your phone away, Dad.”

That was my son’s mantra as we rode along the cliffs flanking the Pacific Ocean.

With an epic view at every turn, it was tough for me to not stop every two seconds.

Little did Bodhi know, I actually passed by many photo opportunities.

Yet, my semi-frequent stops were too much for him.

I get it! What kid doesn’t want 100% of dada’s attention at all times?

I’m sure I was the same way.

It’s a balance, for sure. ⚖️

My creative passion versus my desire to be completely present with my son.

In the end, I’m glad I stopped to make photos. The day needed to be about meeting both of our needs.

And, the most memorable parts of our day are the ones I spent with my phone tucked away in my pocket while I moved my body and connected with Bodhi.

Go figure!

Can you relate?

Do you have kids?

How do you find the balance?

About Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz, CA

The Santa Cruz coastline awaits discovery on Wilder Ranch State Park’s 7,000 acres.

From the crest of Ben Lomond Mountain, the landscape rolls down ancient wave-cut terraces through the marsh lands of a nature preserve to the seashore. Step back in time to the late 1800’s and visit an early dairy ranch.

You can explore California’s early ranching history by visiting an 1897 Victorian home, or experience a 1896 water-powered machine shop. Bring a picnic to enjoy on the front lawn, and visit the farm animals.

With more than 35 miles of trail, you can adventure into the Santa Cruz Mountains or walk along the coastal bluffs.

~ Source: California Department of Parks and Recreation

Photos of Wilder Ranch State Park in Santa Cruz, CA