Gratitude Journal: Day 10
November 12, 2020

I love playing with numbers. When I design a website, I use paddings and other elements with numbers that add up to 8.

Today, I’m tickled by the fact that Day 10 is on 11/12 — 10, 11, 12 — get it?! 🙂

1️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for for my allergy injections because after a lifetime of crippling allergies its amazing to live my life without fear of pollen.

Nurse Diane

2️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for Nurse Diane who gives me my allergy shots because she is an incredibly warm, kind, compassionate person and I love hearing her stories and learning about her grandson and chatting with her every time I come in.

3️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for Bodhi’s years of friendship with Ky (our next door neighbor who is his age) because before Bodhi had Luna, he had Ky.

Carrie made that amazing cake for Bodhi’s 4th bday – train cupcakes with Kit Kat tracks!

4️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for all the times Carrie and I had to figure things out together because now we get another chance to do just that with our new business!

Carrie and looking at a Lonely Planet guidebook in Mexico in 2007

5️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for my collaboration with Rachel Eddins (owner of Eddins Counseling Group) because of her dedication to creating something special and helping the world.

6️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for Bodhi’s love of construction vehicles because it gives me a greater appreciation of all the hard work and manual labor that gets done each day.

7️⃣ I am infinitely grateful that our kids are learning the importance of chores at a speed and “insistence level” that works for our family because any time we try to force something, it comes up against intense resistance — and when we let things flow, the action we want most happens naturally.

8️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for this new online platform I joined that walks me through the steps for aligning my internal self with my external desire for financial abundance because my old way of running a business wasn’t working.

9️⃣ I am infinitely grateful that I was able to take time out of my workday to clean out and rat-proof the hot water heater closet because it gave me a true sense of pride and accomplishment.

🔟 I am infinitely grateful for my new mantra of “I LOVE MONEY AND MONEY LOVES ME” because the power of those words and the belief system behind it will guide me through this next phase of growth.


HAPPY 11/11