Gratitude Journal: Day 16
November 18, 2020

I kinda blew up my life today …

To be fair, the fuse was list a long time ago. Here’s the story

I wanted to promote a friend’s free money workshop. So, I crafted an email about my financial struggles and sent it to my Goodman Creatives mailing list … or, so I thought.

»»» My email was raw.
»»» It was dramatic.
»»» It was written for conversions.

»»» I accidentally sent it to all my family and closest friends.

Now, I’m kinda freaking out that the most important people in my life are going to worry.

I’ll probably get phone calls.

My mom and Carrie’s dad will probably have to field questions from other family members and friends.

It will cause a disturbance in the force, and there’s no undo button.


Here’s the silly thing.

My business is actually quite successful.

AND – there’s a disconnect between my “success” and what’s actually needed to create a legacy for my family.

So here I am.

  • Face to face with some of my worst fears.
  • Worries of letting down others.
  • Of not having people believe in me.
  • Wondering if I can actually do it?
  • Scared of what it will take.
  • Ready to jump into the next version of myself.
  • Determined to be a successful business owner, father, husband, and human being with a short, precious number of years on this earth.

Wish me luck!

1️⃣  I am infinitely grateful for the immense fear, shame, and anxiety I’m feeling about an email I sent to the wrong people.

Me. Right now.

2️⃣  I am infinitely grateful for Bodhi’s Forest School because it gives him a place to be outdoors, free, and explore our beautiful world on his terms

3️⃣  I am infinitely grateful for having our Subaru because it was a gift from my mom who knew how much we could use a second car.

4️⃣  I am infinitely grateful the music of Katie Hicks because even though the songs are for Bodhi, the entire family enjoys listening to them.

5️⃣  I am infinitely grateful to Peggy at Wild Roots because she understands the perfect coffee – cream ratio.

6️⃣  I am infinitely grateful for all the support that’s coming to me in all the ways of my life because whether I admit it or not, it’s something I crave and need.

7️⃣  I am infinitely grateful for working in Felton because it gives me a chance to see the daily life of a mountain town.

8️⃣  I am infinitely grateful for the hard questions that Carrie asks about my ideas, projects, plans, and beliefs – because while they may fluster me at the time, they always lead to reflection and, often, change.

9️⃣  I am truly blessed to have come from my parents because they both taught me so much as a child.

Me, mom, and dad in Paris when I was 4

🔟  I am infinitely grateful for the first rains of the season because of the growth they lead to – and because California desperately needs a good rainy season.