Gratitude Journal: Day 17
November 19, 2020

I like playing with numbers. Today is Day 17. That adds up to 8 (1+7). Eight is the number of infinity. It’s an infinity great day.

1️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for Mel at Healing Waves because of the way she nurtures our family and connects with each of us on a completely different level.

2️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for the PostalAnnex down the street from our house because the staff is so friendly and such a joy to talk to every time I come in — plus the fact that I can take care of all of my shipping needs in one place.
Amanda postal annex

Amanda @ PostalAnnex in Scott’s Valley, CA

3️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for the little bits of fall foliage in our backyard because I’m from the East Coast and grew up surrounded by incredible fall foliage and I really miss it living out here in California.

4️⃣ I have infinitely grateful for kombucha because I used to be a very heavy soda drinker and whatever underlying need soda met can now be met by a much healthier alternative.

5️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for all the rosebushes on our land because Carrie becomes the Rose Fairy and gifts kombucha bottles full of roses across our community.

6️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for our deck because it provides a flat, large surface next to the house for the kids to play and be visible from inside because I value giving the kids the freedom to be on their own AND I want to be able to check in on them without disturbing their flow.

7️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for how easy it is to get toilet paper these days because I went to some pretty dark places and scarcity mode during the height of the lockdown.

8️⃣ I am deeply grateful for the play structure in our backyard because it gives the kids a playground experience without having to leave the property.

9️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for the long list of water things that have happened since we moved into this house because I now have a very thorough understanding of how water gets from our well into all the parts of the house.

🔟 I am infinitely grateful for all the times I was called four eyes as a kid because it gave me a chance to stand here now and reflect on it and give my childhood self a hug while trying to come up with something to be grateful for.